class description  
AggregationResult Stores the result of an aggregation operation  
Container Provides management functions for sets of row having same type Inherits Resource class
ContainerInfo Represents the information about a specific Container  
GSException Exception for GridDB  
PartitionController Controller for acquiring and processing the partition status  
Query Provides the functions of holding the information about a query related to a specific Container, specifying the options for fetching and retrieving the result Inherits Resource class
Resource Error handling  
Row A general-purpose Row for managing fields in any schema Inherits Resource class
RowKeyPredicate Represents the condition that a row key satisfies  
RowSet Manages a set of Rows obtained by a query Inherits Resource class
Store Provides functions to manipulate the entire data managed in one GridDB system Inherits Resource class
StoreFactory Manages a Store instance Inherits Resource class
Timestamp Provides the utilities for manipulating time data