Open database supporting cyber-physical systems

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What's GridDB ?

A cyber-physical systems is a system that collects a variety of data in physical space (the real world), analyzes and converts it into knowledge in cyberspace, and feeds the knowledge back to the real world to revitalize industry and solve social problems.
GridDB is an open database that enables real-time processing of vast amounts of time-series data in physical space, which is necessary to realize a cyber-physical systems.

Time Series Data Driven
and Multi-Model support

Multi-model architecture capable of supporting various data stores with time-series data-oriented and pluggable data stores for efficient real-time processing and management of huge amounts of time-series data at high frequency

Petabyte-Scale Performance for Big Data System

Various architectural innovations, such as in-memory orientation with "memory as the main unit and disk as the secondary unit" and event-driven design with minimal overhead, have been incorporated to achieve processing capabilities that can handle petabyte-scale applications.

Highly available and highly scalable

Hybrid cluster management scheme and Autonomous Data Distribution Algorithm (ADDA) to avoid single point of failure, ensure table-by-table referential consistency and fast expansion/contraction and non-disruptive operation.

Petabyte-level data management

Depending on the requirements, we combine not only scale-out but also scale-up measures to achieve both petabyte-class data and millisecond-order processing even with a small number of servers.

Developers Friendly

SQL interface as well as NoSQL interface, enabling real-time processing in SQL while collecting large amounts of data in NoSQL.

Open Inovation

Gathers awareness of issues, experience and wisdom through open source community activities. Promoting collaboration with leading open source software and vendors to rapidly realise advanced systems in the ecosystem.