Community Edition

Contains information about the changes in the current GridDB v5.0 Community Edition

GridDB v5.0 Community Edition

Changes in V5.0

Main changes in GridDB CE V5.0 are as follows

Performance improvement for large-scale data

  1. Core scaling improvement

    • By restarting a node, concurrency (/dataStore/concurrency in the node definition file) can now be changed.
  2. Faster scan and data deletion

    • By setting the string #unique as hint information for data affinity, it is now possible to occupy blocks on a per container (table) basis to place data.
  3. Reduction of the disk I/O load when performing a checkpoint

    • It is now possible to write logs in several smaller batches during a checkpoint. The number of batches (splits) can be modified by /checkpoint/partialCheckpointInterval in the node definition file. It is 5 by default. While increasing the settings value can decrease the amount of writing to a checkpoint log file at a time, this may increase the recovery time during a startup.

Functionality enhancement

  1. Renaming a column using SQL

    • The following SQL is supported:

    ALTER TABLE table name RENAME COLUMN column name before renaming TO column name after renaming;

  2. GridDB Service

    • When the OS starts (stops), we can start (stop) GridDB Server. Please refer to for details.
  3. Export/Import tool

    • A tool to export/import data from and to a GridDB cluster.

Specification Changes

Database files placement

Prior to V5, checkpoint file and transaction log file are placed on the “data” directory.

In V5, the arrangement is as follows:

  • Conventional checkpoint file is divided into data file (extension: “dat”) for writing data and checkpoint log file (extension: “cplog”) for writing block management information.
  • Data files and checkpoint log files are written to the “data” directory, and the transaction log files are written to the “txnlog” directory.
  • Within the “data” (“txnlog”) directory, a directory is created for each partition and files are placed in the partition directory.

Added Parameters

The following parameters are added to the node definition file (gs_node.json).

  • /dataStore/transactionLogPath : Specify the full or relative path to the location directory for a transaction log file. The default value is txnlog.

  • /checkpoint/partialCheckpointInterval : Specify the number of splits in write processing of block management information to checkpoint log files during a checkpoint.


  • Current version is not compatible with the previous GridDB versions. To use V4 data, please retrieve data using the export tool and store them in V5 database using the import tool.
  • Hash index, Row expiry release, Timeseries compression and Trigger function have been discontinued in V5. Please use Tree index, Partition expiry release, and Block data compression instead of Hash index, Row expiry release, and Timeseries compression.

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